Global Leader in Chemical Information Processing

  • Powerful Team for Manual Indexing

    STI Centre is the leading data entry company which provides the actual, complete and accurate digital information for scientific discovery. Ninety percent of the staff have PhDs in chemistry, biology, material sciences. They deliver unique content collections for world-wide publishers and databases producers by the processing of prestigious journals, patents, handbooks and a range of reference works.

    Uncover with STI Centre the relevant resources available to solve specific scientific, research or business challenges.

  • To Search with Unique Tools and Features

    STI Centre is also developing unique software platforms going beyond content and tools. Structures, reactions, applications, properties and synthesis in one integrated platform, searchable numerical data and plots - all this advanced information with the search power help the researchers to accommodate a wide range of information needs.

    If you want to add value to your knowledge base, to expand the contents of your literature sources, to construct your own databases with large-scale coverage of worldwide literature, STI Centre can do that for you.

More About Us

Services and Developments

  • Intellectual Data Processing from English-language journal and patent literature at the range of 1 million information units per year in chemistry, biology, nanotechnology;

    While Contents Indexing more than 400 different fields of experimentally validated data can be extracted from each primary source.

    Take the Sci-Tech Information Advantage to Resolve the Research Task

  • Chemical structures processing , also as 3D input, chemical reactions records with automatic control functions;

    A very large repository of organic, organometallic and inorganic compounds is possible. The staff is experienced for 7 mln structures, 10 mln reactions and 30 mln records for properties and applications.
  • 3-level Quality Control and Quality Assurance for digitized data selected from published sci-tech documents;

    Due to 26-years experience in manual indexing, document analysis, data mining and semantic enrichment of information the high-level quality monitoring is applicable.
  • Automatic Indexing and Keywords Applications for Literature Processing;

    Keywords Glossary for Material Sciences area is developed. Journal articles rank calculation based on amount of discovered glossary-related terms normalized to article information density is applicable.
  • Innovative Software Tools Development to serve the research needs of academia and technical approaches of industry;

    In Software Platform more than 80 different numeric parameters could be searchable with the interactive logic of the query. Propagation and Prediction Tools are also applicable.
  • New databases design, construction and maintenance.

    The new project under development is Plant Biostimulants.

Corporate Philosophy

The STI Centre Staff is the most important resource. The professionalism and high efforts they contribute in the workplace are the driving force behind the continued success of the company.

Our philosophy is professionalism, corporate responsibility, cooperation spirit, friendly and comfortable atmosphere of work. We are trying to realize the possibilities and talent of every individual toward perfection and excellence in the work done, administrative and research contributions.

Meeting Points

Meet us at

The 28th International Conference for the Information Chemistry (ICIC) on October 07-10, 2016 in Heidelberg, Germany

The International Information Conference on Search, Data Mining and Visualization (II-SDV) on April 24-25, 2017 in Nice, France



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